“My parents and relatives influenced me a lot, architects have a great way of looking at spaces. My Polish grandfather who I'm named after flew for the RAF in WWII then became an architect in South Africa and my Afrikaans grandfather was an orthopaedic surgeon for 45 years, both of them taught me hard work and integrity.

And my great grandmother (Ouma Annie) is probably one of the best filmmakers I know, travelling around the world from Japan to Germany in 1939, capturing South Africa when the Afrikaaners were still at the top of the food chain, always shooting with her 16mm Bolex. 

I’ve played the guitar for twelve years and have been a working musician for the past two years; I think it’s given me a sense of pace and timing. I’ve always taken photos, I used to build cameras out of lego as a kid. My nickname ‘Jas’ comes from an uncle of my father who was a Polish writer, when I discovered this was when I first started writing. Just like architecture, music, photography and writing, film is just another medium of story-telling. It just so happens to encompass all of the above and so much more.”



  • Writing and Directing short films, music videos, corporate videos and commercials. 
  • Photographer and Videographer. 
  • Online/Offline Editor working on Premiere Pro CS6, short films, music videos and some corporate videos. 
  • Competent 1st and 2nd Assistant Director. (With NAUTILUS Crewing Agency) 
  • Competent 1st PA. (With NAUTILUS Crewing Agency) 
  • Competent Spark. (With NAUTILUS Crewing Agency) 
  • Classically trained musician (Royal Schools Music Grade 5) and now working musician. 
  • Music Composer for short films working in Ableton Live 9. 


Gear List

  • Canon 5D Markii
  • Canon AE1 Film Camera
  • Lenses: Zeiss Distagon 50mm, 1.2 - Canon 28-135mm, 3.5 - Canon 50mm, 1.4 - Canon 16-40mm, 3.5 - Sigma Macro 500mm, 2.5 - Canon Shift and Tilt 35mm, 3.5 
  • Manfrotto Monopod & Tripod
  • Canon 580exii Speedlight, LED Litepanel, Baterry Pack, 2 Canon bateries, 2x32G CF Cards. 
  • ZOOM H5 Digital Recorder, 16gb SD Card
  • Macbook Pro Retina, 15 inch, early 2013 installed with Adobe CS6 Suite, DaVinci resolve 11.2, REDCINE-X PRO. 



For more information download my CV here: 


 Location Scouting ||  2016

Location Scouting ||  2016